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St Kilda Adventure Playground

May 6th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

Last week, during Anzac Day (25 April), I went to St. Kilda Adventure Playground. This is the one in Adelaide not Melbourne. Don’t understand why there are quite a number of places in Adelaide has the same name as those in Melbourne.

It wasn’t that far from the city. It’s an award winning playground. Hmm… I don’t see the how it is award-winning. There’s nothing much interesting except some nice sceneries for photography. I went there with those from church. We had BBQ there.

It was cold and wet! I only wore a short sleeves t-shirt with windbreaker -.-” Didn’t expect it to be that cold as it’s not supposed to on that day. I was sick also, it wasn’t a good combination at all.

Finally at aroun 11.30am, the sun came out! YAY!

The playground for young and old. There’s flying fox, spiral slide, giant wave slide, monorail and maze.

The scenery.

The popular pirate ship.

Views from on top of the spiral slide.

The main reason I was there was the BBQ ;p Hehehe… I care more about the food than the playground. These are just some, there’s more such as fried rice, curry, salad, and more. Delicious food!

At around 3pm, we called it a day and went back home. Was so tired. Didn’t sleep much as I went home at around 1.30am the night before and had to wake up so early for 9.30am trip. Was sick also, I went back and straight away went for the bed for a nap. At least I went somewhere during the holiday. I’ve been pretty bored lately.

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