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December 27th, 2007 · 4 Surrendered

Long time no food post! Hehehe… Here’s another new place, consider new hehehe… Because it’s only opened this year *LOL* Located at 3rd Exchange. Same row as Banana Split, in fact next door only.

Left: I tell you… 5 of us we went there after we went to Boulevard last Saturday and you can imagine… I think the owner already sensed that we are bloggers as we started to snap away before going in. *LOL*

Right: Our drinks.
Cincao With Milk(RM2), I was told later that it’s wrong drink as in they added syrup instead of atap sugar. The owner quickly apologized and took it away to replace it for me. Talking about efficiency. Maybe she knew that we are bloggers and if there’s something wrong, the shop’s reputation will be at stake. 4 bloggers(1 is not a blogger hehehe…) there with their cameras ever ready, how dare you do something wrong right? Hahaha…
Kiwi (RM2) and White Lady(RM2.50). According to Anna, the White Lady was quite sweet.

Left: The correct Cincao With Milk. Hehehe… The owner even asked me whether it’s too sweet or not. I don’t like very sweet stuff, means this is just right for me.
Right: Satay Noodle(RM4.50), one fo their specialty.

Left: Lemon Chicken With Rice(RM4.50). I heard that it’s a bit spicy. Hmm…
Right: Creamy Mushroom Toast(RM3.80).

Left: I ordered Dry Black Sauce Beef Noodle(RM4.50), not so bad… The taste isn’t that empowering, just nice for my taste bud as I’m not really fond of food with too strong flavour.
Right: “Ngo Hiam”(RM4.50), they called it Chicken Roll. Hmm… Not so bad, reminds me of the one my parents usually buy at erm… I can’t remember where 😛 Hehehe… The owner said that it’s restaurant standard, not sure about that though 😛

Oh dear… I just realised I didn’t have another dish, sweet and sour fish with rice(RM4.50) that was ordered by Angel. I did take the photo but it’s missing… I might have accidentally deleted it.

Prices are quite reasonable and have wide varieties.

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  • 1 SilverIsle // Dec 27, 2007 at 1:18 pm

    The creamy mushroom toast caught my attention the most. Cause I thought it’s kinda unique. =P How’s the taste?

    BTW, Irene, I’ve linked you in my blog oh.

  • 2 sweet surrender // Dec 27, 2007 at 5:08 pm

    SilverIsle. hehehe… I heard it’s like using Campbell mushroom soup hehehehe… Imagine bread and mushroom soup 😛 OK 🙂 Will link you too!!

  • 3 Ceara // Dec 27, 2007 at 10:11 pm

    Wow, I still consider Kuching food is so cheap compare to KK. RM4.50 is like our normal rice I mean normal chicken rice which you can get from ordinary stalls.

    I went to Kuching and I was shock to find the Chicken rice is only RM3.

    Kuching a very good place to find food.

  • 4 sweet surrender // Dec 27, 2007 at 10:37 pm

    Ceara, yes… Kuching food is cheap hehehe… Miri is also expensive. Well… KK living standard is higher than Kuching. KK has more international exposure since there are many direct flights from various foreign airlines unlike Kuching. International airport konon… Hahaha…

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