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Streamyx Petition In Press

January 17th, 2007 · 8 Surrendered

Warning: Long winding post.

Remember a post that I posted about having problem with Streamxy not long ago? The petition was brought to light by Sin Chiew Daily News on the 14th of January. There was a sudden surge of traffic that day and the signatures kept coming in non-stop. SEE!!! Obviously there are so many unsatisfied customers. Poor Streamyx users :(. There are 2399 signatures as in today, 11.37pm. Thanks to the reporter that had helped in reporting it and I hope more newspapers or mass media can also report about this petition. I hope you can post about it in your blog too. If you want to sign, then click here.

When the report was out that day, someone claimed to be representative of Streamyx called the site owner up and asked him why he started the petition and what happened to his line, then asked him to visit TM Net User Group website to learn more about the speed provided. Before putting down the phone, he added that Malaysia laws do not allow petition. WHAT THE ***!?!?!? So the site owner called up a lawyer to asked about it and the lawyer said that there is no such thing! SEE! Someone is trying to scare him to stop the petition! That’s the job of a coward!

OH! You think we are stupid?

I have subscribed to 512Kbps package. Why am I not getting the whole 512Kbps even when I connect to TM Net’s server?

………how to calculate the ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Modulation) speed for your connection. TM Net provide a connection service speed on DSL level at say 512 kbps. ATM has a block capacity of 35 where there is no wait before the second sequence starts. Therefore the packet is in a block of 35 of service packet speed. For every packet sent there is a 16 bytes header and ATM index of 140 (35 X 4 bytes) for a total header of 700 bytes per block….(click for more details)

HELLO?!?!? We know that! DUH! We know that we can’t get 512Kbps when we subscribe to 512Kbps package! How to explain when we subscribe to 512Kbps when we only get the speed of like 56Kbps only? Or 1Mbps and we only get below 512Kbps? Cannot be?!?!? That’s not right! Primary school students also know the logic. If I get something like 600+, 700+, 800+ or 900+Kbps when I subscribed to 1Mbps, it’s still acceptable. There is no way I pay for 1Mbps package and getting the speed for 512Kbps package or below! What?!!??! You think we are stupid? We are much more IT literate than those operators that answered our phone calls when we called cusotmer support!

Guess what??!?!? These few days, I have to restart my modem at least twice! This is because out of sudden I couldn’t connect to the Internet. Therefore I have to restart my modem to get my line back! GRRRRR… So angry you know! Really suckssssssss!!!

AND! AND! WHAT THE HECK WITH THE USER GROUP!?!?!? What is the use of it? This is what you get from the site:

TM Net User Group is the contatenation of a group of hardcore TM Net users elected to represent the multitute of users of TM Net services.

The Sarawak TM Net user group was formed on the 21 March 2006 and bearing the office by a group of users from various industries. The user group’s aims is to channel the various types of services rendered by TM Net to the users and to collect feedbacks to TM Net on level of services, quality of services and incidental references. Part of which would also contribute to the bridging of digital divide and make to bring common sense of the services offerred by TM Net to educate the users of TM Net various services and to bring the services of TM Net to the vast population of Sarawak.

Guess again! Kenny Sia is the Chairman! Ok… I’m not saying that he’s bad or what, the one providing bad service to us is not him, it’s TM Net. They are just representing us and they are the minority that are lucky enough. However, I don’t think this user group is any helpful or representing us at all. I don’t think TM is even listening to them. The real users are the one that have to put up with all sort of craps and lousy services! The real users are those that signed the petition! If really TM is listening to them, we won’t be getting such crappy services for years! YEA YEA YEA… I know… It’s only started last year but it seems that the problems are increasing instead of decreasing. YEA YEA YEA… I know… Because of increasing subscribers indirectly the there are more complaints.

Pardon me?
Bring common sense? Someone from that group had just called up and didn’t make any sense about the law! Don’t talk about common sense when common sense tells us that this is not the service we should be getting with the money we had spent. Since you are supposed to be representing us, you should escalate and bring our plights to TM management instead of calling us up and blame us for not understanding even tried to hint us to stop the petition by talking about the law!??!?
To educate user? *LOL* You call that educate? Educate us that Streamyx is such a lousy service provider? Educate us not to complain about the bandwidth we are getting that does not tally with our subscribed package because this is the limitation that we have to put up with? Educate us that this is M’sia, that’s why you are getting such crappy services?
Hardcore?*AHEM* There are so many more that are much more hardcore than them! Fine… I don’t want to argue about this. I’m just in the mood of picking.

Bad news for those using BT or EMule. According to them:

Why my download speed is so slow when I use Bit-Torrent and EMule?

That is because both BT and Emule are dealing with 99.9% contents that violates the Terms and Conditions of Streamyx account. Please refers to Section 13.iv and 13.viii. of the Terms and Condition.

YEAH RIGHT! You thought why people subscribe to Streamyx? Of course for downloading! DUH! Else what is the use of Streamyx? And OH! These are the “hardcore” users! Summore, it’s such a shame that our max speed for home user is only 1Mbps or 1.5Mbps depending on the location. I have many overseas readers reading this and I’m sure they are laughing or even surprised that our broadband is such a “narrow”band eh… Agree? What a shame…

Long.. Long.. Long post. How long will this lousy service last? I don’t know… Many said that the petition is just “gay liau”(“no use” in Hokkien), I do aware of that but at least we can know that we are not the only one suffering. This platform is for other unfortunate users to voice out their dissatisfactions and PLEASE! TM USER GROUP! Make yourself useful! You are representing us! GRRRRRRRR!!!

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  • 1 Neo // Jan 18, 2007 at 12:56 am

    Ah… just unsubscribe lor… no alternative lei,… how? 😀


  • 2 sweet surrender // Jan 18, 2007 at 9:54 am

    Cannot unsubscribe, like you say, no alternative. Summore it’s so hard to get port. Once unsubscribe and want to resubscribe, you might have to wait for long long time to get an available port -_-” then history will repeat, activated but couldn’t be used. Called up to complain and complain but no one came, then all you get were report numbers and they blamed all the faults on your telephone line, your modem, your computer etc. NUTS! Such a pity.

  • 3 @lViN // Jan 20, 2007 at 8:44 pm

    Ahh, totally get what you mean. They tend to take us for a fool until they know who they are dealing with. TMNet really ought to do something about this before I decide to take it to the press or even the multimedia ministry.

    No way am I gonna pay for crappy services. One thing I am really fortunate though is that our bandwidth is not limited by quota per month. That’s one good thing about StreamyX but other than that, StreamyX still has a lot of room for improvement. 🙂

  • 4 sweet surrender // Jan 20, 2007 at 9:15 pm

    Yes, the good thing is that we are not limited by the quota but thinking… Thinking… With the unstable line speed and frequent disconnections, indirectly they limit us already :P. By the way, first time see you here. Welcome.

  • 5 @lViN // Jan 20, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    Agree with u on that one. Having experienced such a case, I cannot agree with you more. Hence, it takes some scolding and pushing around to get them to work. I did that and now, my home line is as stable as ever.

    However, my office line became pretty unstable of late. It’s getting me into the state of pushing people around again. haha.

    Yea first time here. Redirected from Pink Cotton. 😀

  • 6 sweet surrender // Jan 20, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    Oooo… Hahahaha… I see.. from Pink Cotton. It’s so frustrating. Why can’t they just provide a proper service to us and those Customer Services people will not be so pitful, always got scolded by customers.

  • 7 pretenders // Jan 28, 2007 at 2:27 am

    u guys are half way to get 10k. keep up the good work.

    by the way, I HATE STREAMY!!

    and i super hate those who blame it on downloader. dun blame it on downloader when u have millions and billions but refuse to invest in order to improve ur services. dun also blame it on downloader when ur line is slow cause we all know it’s the tmnet fault for NOT providing enough UNLIMITED bandwidth for all to use.

    and also damn to those who are suppose to do something bout it and also capable to do something bout it but choose NOT to do something bout it and prevent others from doing something bout it ;(

  • 8 sweet surrender // Jan 28, 2007 at 3:59 pm

    Almost half way. Really hate them. Only know how to make false promises.

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