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Sunny Hill Ice Cream

November 2nd, 2007 · Nobody Surrendered

Kuchingites are familiar with this. If you are born and live in Kuching and never heard of it, then you are not Kuchingites or Kuching lang at all!

Vanilla and chocolate.

Vanilla and strawberry.

Nothing much to say really 😛 The ice cream is really good but it doesn’t taste as good as it used too anymore. However, it’s still good compare to those you buy from the supermarket.

They have two flavours everyday. You’ll get vanilla everyday, each day will have a different flavour. They have chocolate, strawberry and pandan. Last time it’s only vanilla and strawberry and I don’t know since when they started to have chocolate then the latest is pandan. I still prefer vanilla, strawberry comes in second, chocolate third and no pandan for me please eww…

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