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Supper @ Best Berry

February 17th, 2007 · 2 Surrendered

On Thursday night, it rained. We closed our stall early. Then went for supper. Couldn’t think of where to go and ended up at Best Berry.

Left: The ceiling.
Right: Fried Chicken Wing(RM4.90). I prefer grill one.
Left: Kiwi Tea Squash(RM3.50). Last time they had Kiwi slice in there but now no more, they blended them into the tea. According to the owner, they decided to do that because all the Kiwi slices were thrown away because patrons didn’t eat them. They felt that it’s very wasteful. Indeed very wasteful and Kiwi fruits aren’t cheap.
Right: Iced Orange Tea(RM3).

I like their drinks there. Especially the iced teas. I don’t know why but some how I have difficulty to pick what food to order there 😛 They have so many types of food. By the way, lots of ice desserts too. Next time will try out one of them hehehe… Never had one before.

We chatted with the owners that night. Chatted till midnight summore *LOL* We talked about so many things, almost everything under the sun. Nice to meet you, Chris and Vivien.

By the way, CNY coming soon. That’s tomorrow. It’s not easy to find a place to dine out during these period of time, even if got, it’s only McD, KFC and Pizza Hut. If not then the coffeeshop will charge you more. I remember once that we had kole mee on the 3rd day of CNY at a coffeeshop and we were charge freaking RM5 for a normal kolo mee that cost only RM2 on normal days.

No worries anymore! The good news is that Best Berry is open on the 1st to 3rd day of CNY from 10am-12am. They are not going to mark up their food and drinks. Don’t be afraid to go there during CNY hehehe… They are ethical businesswomen. The best part is that, you get to take part in their LUCKY DRAW!!! You have the chance to take away RM1K!!! Besides that, there are also other prices to be won too such as vouchers. This will happen on the 1st and 2nd day of CNY.

They will close on 9th March 2007-12th March 2007 as they are going for a fishing trip at Sabah! So… All you kaki pancing… Do look for them if you would like to get to know more fishing enthusiats in Kuching. Fishing is usually guys’ hobby. They are the ladies that like to fish, it’s rare. Don’t you think?

Oh… I’m not paid to blog about it! I still pay for what I had ordered. Just happened to get to know them so might as well introduce them to you 🙂

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  • 1 robin // Feb 17, 2007 at 8:57 pm

    wahrao… how many entries can u make in one day?? ahahahha… i just came here in the afternoon.. few hours later… got 2 more entries !!!!
    Anyway, it is indeed a GOOD news that the place is open for business for first 3 days of CNY without price hike. Surprising, but smart move I dare say. Maybe I can persuade my friends to stop there, ehehhee.

  • 2 sweet surrender // Feb 17, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    Hehehe… What to do? I need to get them all up before CNY. CNY will have CNY posts 😛 Expecting another one soon… I guess… with change of header sum more.

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