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Sweet & Spicy Tapioca Snack

April 4th, 2007 · 7 Surrendered

I missed calculated the time for PPP’s USD1K post 🙁 I thought it’s today but it happened yesterday dawn if not mistaken while I’m alseep!

Sweet & spicy tapioca snack is our local snack. It’s my favourite!!! Yummy… Yummy… Usually I bought this on the way back from Lundu, RM1 per packet but it’s smaller now compare to last time. You can get it here in Kuching too but doubt that it will be so cheap. Producing this snack is a type of cottage industry.

People that like something sweet and spicy will definitely like it. The tapioca is thinly sliced, then deep fried. After that, they are fried with chili, sugar and a bit of salt. Some can be very spicy, some not so spicy depends on who is the maker.

Last time my mom did try to do it herself but don’t know why it’s not crispy enogh. This is a very addictive snack. Oncce you tried you, you will want to have more. I want more! *drool*

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