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The Botanic Gardens

April 8th, 2011 · Nobody Surrendered

The next stop was The Botanic Gardens.

Walked there, went in and was greeteed by lush green view. I just walked around and saw many couples dating(and doing some intimate stuffs) and even some drunk people around -.-”

I thought of exploring further but my instinct and common sense told me it’s not wise to do so since I was all alone. In fact, it was a drunkard that gave me a scare. I didn’t know there’s someone there at the hut drinking. I was busy trying to get an angle to camwhore!

I quickly walked back to the entrance. Didn’t dare to go too far away from the entrance.

Just simply took some shoots and got out of there.

The place is huge! There’s quite a number of places to explore but it’s best to go with a group of people or join the free tour offers at 10.30am in the morning(hopefully I got the time correct).

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