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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Plaza Walk

September 13th, 2007 · 1 Surrendered

Business is dirty… Oh ya… That’s how dirty it is! Oh~ la~ la~ Let’s get dirty with it!

Ok… This post is another post backdated, birthday post 😛 Hehehe… Remember I said that somebody sent me something in the middle of the night? I was “forced” to blog about by this reader of mine hehehe…

Left: I saw the white envelope of Metro Inn, I thought somebody was kind enough to give me free stay for my Miri trip this October. *SMACK HEAD* Who do you think you are, Irene?!?!? Even in your dream there won’t be anyone sponsors you any trip!
Right: It turned out that… TADA! RM30 worth of gift vouchers from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Hooray! This is one and only reason that made me go there. I have never been there before, believe it! Irene has never been to Coffee Bean! I don’t know… I never have to urge to go… Since somebody gave me this… Hehehe… THANKS! I must go, if not, it’ll be wasted. Only valid for 6 month.

I went the next day.

Ordered Belgium Chocolate (RM12) and Iced Blended Mocha (RM11.50). Hmm… The Belgium Chocolate OK la, at least not that sweet… Price wise for the overall drink, cheaper than Starbucks.

Goodness gracious! The cheesecake is RM8/piece! -.-” I’d rather go to Secret Recipe, cheaper, taste wise… I don’t know… I don’t want to spend RM8 for a cheesecake though I did not need to pay cash for it, only use the gift certificates 😛

After that day, I have one more certificate left. I went to spend it two days ago 😛 Bought a cup of Regular Pure Chocolate with it by adding few Ringgits. That’s it! I spent all! Thank you very much! You know who you are! Hehehe…

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