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The Natural Source Daintree Green Tea Purifying Body Whip

March 1st, 2008 · Nobody Surrendered

I found out that many people thought that vegetarian anchovies=seaweed twist. In fact it’s NOT, vegetarian anchovies IS NOT seaweed twist. Both are totally different.

Won The Natural Source Daintree Green Tea Purifying Body Whip last year. I’m going to give you a quick review of this body whip.

It comes in a pot or jar. The scent is not strong, just nice. It’s not oily, very light-weight and absorb very quickly into your skin after application. It won’t give you sticky or oily feel at all.

I can feel that my skin is soft and lightly scented after applying it. Best to use after shower. I used it in the evening after shower. I don’t use it during day time because it doesn’t have UV protection. It’s great for moisturing dry spots like your heels and elbows.

I got this from The Natural Source website:

A fresh-smelling, light-weight body whip that will moisturise, soothe and protect your skin. The vitamin rich antioxidant properties of green tea extract keep your skin healthy and energised.

Main active ingredients
Green Tea extract – Detoxifies and helps to rid skin of impurities. It also contains high levels of vitamin-rich antioxidants, which protect the skin from environmental pollutants.

It does live to up what it claims. Overall, it’s a good product to use. There are two sizes, the one I got is the small one, it costs RM69, the bigger one is RM98(Got the prices from ozwin.com.my). The price is quite expensive for me but I’m sure many girls won’t agree with me hahaha… Well… what to do? I’ve never use such expensive stuffs before, RM30 for a body lotion is enough to scare me off, don’t even said RM69 body whip hahaha… I’m given this for free hehehe… So why complain right? 😛

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