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tHe Spring Ambassador Hunt Top 7

January 9th, 2010 · Nobody Surrendered

Supposed to be top 8 but one wasn’t here. Not sure whether he is still consider in or not.

I’m in the final!!! YAY! Didn’t expect it actually. I wasn’t told about the press conference that happened on Monday Tuesday so I thought I’m not going into the final. Then on Wednesday, I got an SMS telling me to be at tHe Spring on Saturday for photo shoot session. I thought the message was wrongly sent and even double confirmed. Since I wasn’t in Kuching, I didn’t have newspapers to read. Happened that it’s in Wednesday newspapers, The Borneo Post. You can click on the link to read about it.

Just spend RM100 in a single receipt at any shop at tHe Spring and you will be entitled to a lucky draw form to fill and vote for me at the same time. You might be the lucky one to win the Suzuki Swift.

If I’m not mistaken, I’m going to haunt you at tHe Spring for at least a month or so as my photo will be displayed there hahaha…

Left: Only 3 girls. Sandra, me, Naomi. Waiting for our turn for individual photo shoot with the shopping bags. I had Osim and Parkson. I kinda regret cutting my hair, shouldn’t have cut it. Too short to achieve the effect similar to Sandra’s or Naomi’s.

Right: Final shoot at the food court. We had group photos while waiting for the organizer to arrange some stuffs. All the shoots turned out -.-” Not everyone looking at the camera, there’s a shoot with everyone looking at the camera but someone partially blinked! Hahahaha… So… This is the best shoot of all ;p

(Sitting L-R: Fah Lee[Should I use this name? Hahaha… Why were you stunned?!?!], Christian, Morgan[Is there somehting interesting on Christian’s hand? ;p], Jonathan)
(Standing L-R: Me[My hair made my head looked square], Sandra, Naomi)

Our individual shoots. These are just random shoots. You’ll see the official photos near the customer service counter somewhere next week(if not mistaken). *shy* Never in my life have my photo shown in public like that hahaha…

Oh no… In other words, I can no longer show up at tHe Spring without dressing up *LOL*

My session was quite short, just 2 attempts and I’m done. The rest took quite a while. I don’t know why. Why is my session always so short? The first photo shoot was also short too for me compare to the rest. It’s a good thing I guess…

Group shoots for the guys.

For the girls, we had it outside the shopping mall. It was a very fun session.

Lastly, Don’t forget to vote for me!!! Hehehe… *thick face*

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