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tHe Spring’s RAD Campaign Presented by Levi’s

October 19th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

It’s been a long time not attending fashion event. Seriously long! Was lucky to be invited to tHe Spring’s RAD Campaign last night. It was attended by up to 500 Levi’s customers and the highlight of the night was a fashion show by Levi’s showcasing their new Levi’s Revel, the jeans designed to be their most comfortable and best-looking jeans made for women.

A pop-up bar was set up too! It’s called the Indigo Room. Guests were served with Indigo Ale (cocktail made of tuak and ‘bunga telang’). I didn’t drink at all. I would never reject free alcohol but this time I rejected it *LOL* Just wasn’t in the mood to drink at all. So I have no idea how it tasted.

Finally, the fashion show started with Deborah Henry welcoming the guests.

You know you’ve not taken proper runway shoots when all the photos turned out so-so -.-” I lost track on how long. More than 2 years! I even cannot remember how to set my camera setting for it! Camera was rather low in battery too so I didn’t dare to play too much with it else it will be continuous shoot most of the time.

Didn’t manage to get a good spot for it too, that’s why none of them facing me hahaha…

There’s few more not in this post because they were too blur or I couldn’t get any proper shoots of them.

After that, there’s dance performance by Soul Dance Academy.

Was lucky to be able to take a photo with Deborah (Miss Universe Malaysia 2011). Goodness! She’s so tall! I was on my 3-inch heels some more! Imagine that, she too was on high heels. Oh… I’m so tiny…

The Indigo Room was where the guests mingled around, pretty nicely setup I must say. The best thing was that no smoking allowed! If only there’s place like this in Kuching.

There’s a section setup at tHe Spring for anyone who is interested to try out the new Levi’s Revel. You even get to have your photos taken 360 degree to see how you look like in the jeans. Better go there early, the queue was pretty long!

Here’s some of the designs that I personally like. Which is your favourite?

So what’s the Revel is all about?

Levi’s® Revel jeans use exclusive Liquid Shaping Technology that has been fused into the denim through innovative design techniques like screen-printing. The Liquid Shaping Technology controls the fabric’s stretch in strategic areas for a figure-hugging fit that lifts and defines your body and gives you a beautiful, shaped silhouette. While other brands have jeans with shaping panels or inserts that many women find uncomfortable, the magic of Levi’s® Revel jeans is in the liquid, which holds you in at the same time as being super comfortable.

The denim for Levi’s® Revel jeans has been carefully selected, developed and tested to make the jeans feel as great as they look. Levi’s® Revel denim delivers four-way stretch that perfectly enhances a woman’s shape and moves with her body. A super-soft hand feel and superior memory retention help the jeans keep their shape as well as hers.

Interested? Head over to your nearest Levi’s store to try them out.

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