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The Wedding Reception @ Hilton – 09.07.06

July 14th, 2006 · 2 Surrendered


My oh my… I’m so busy with work and have no time to update anything about the wedding reception. By the way, the haze is coming back today… no wonder my nose is so itchy.

It’s held at Matang Terrace, Hilton, Kuching, Sarawak. It’s an outdoor recpetion. Luckily no rain but it’s so hot and humid. We reached there before 6pm, thought to find the bride and groom at their room but they were’t back from Alvin’s yet. Therefore, we went to the Matang Terrace to take photos and survey the place first. It was so windy! We were so happy summore we got such a nice spot where we can see the stage clearly and it’s just along the aisle for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance. Table 20, was our table.

Some photos we taken before the dinner started.

It’s getting hot… No more wind.. Very humid… Finally…

The grand entrance and the reception began! Oh… no food post 😛 will post it separately. Ann wore an apple green bareback dress for the grand entrance, tossing, cake cutting and also the "trick" we played on them. Well… not really a trick, just asked them to slow dance to the band. We didn’t ask them to kiss but then it’s automatic LOL… Sam was just saying, "Next the bride and groom *stopped talking*", they both kissed without Sam asked them too LOL. No karaoke, no typical Chinese wedding stuffs except the food hehehe… It’s jazz the whole night tru’.

Then after a few dishes, she went to changed to a gold dress before going around the tables to greet the guest. Both of them wasn’t standing at the entrance to greet the guests, they only showed up when it’s time for the grand entrance. English was used the whole night as she didn’t get Chinese MC, well… The MC was a Chinese but a he’s a "banana" 😛 Hahahaha… our college lecture, Samuel. During the dinner time, we have not much chance to have photos with Ann and Jee.

So we went to our college lecturers and seniors table for a photoshoot, haven’t seen them ages(the photo at the right bottom)… The driver, Ian was there, the bestman, Eric was there, the MC, Sam too and etc… Basically the whole table and all the friends of both Ann and Jee were from Informatics! Except hmm… As far as I know, 3 people at our table weren’t from Informatics but from dance class. Even so… Kuching is so… so… so… Small that Pinky knows Lee Ling, Audrey and Hui Yee, they were from the same high schoo LOL… See… Kuching is so small… Summore one of our lecturer is Alysha’s friend. Everyone practically knows each other.

One more thing, Nick came back out of sudden from KL and he wasn’t invited to join the wedding because no one expected him to be back, what a surprise! We didn’t know until he called Lee in the afternoon asking him to go out for a drink and was shocked to know that today is the celebration of Ann’s marriage. Then, Lee called me and asked me what should we do LOL… So I called Ann and she said just asked him to join our table. So… This guy came without an invitation 😛 Or put it in a nicer way, last minute invitation hehehehe… He joined our table that was supposed to be for 10 people. Lucky the table was big enough and there was still space to fit one more person.

After the dinner ended, we waited until all the guests left and we took the opportunity to take pictures with Ann and Jee on the stage. Too bad… I don’t have any photos of them. It’s all in our seniors’ cameras. Will ask from them soon.

So… after that, we called it a night. Exhausted… They would be going for their honeymoon the next day. Enjoy your honeymoon Ann! In fact, she’s still having her honeymoon now and should be in KL already. Before that they were at Phuket. They will be back this Sunday if not mistaken.

That’s all for the wedding reception. The food will be posted when I’m free again. I still have heaps of work in hand.

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  • 1 Hui Yi // May 4, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Hi, I’m having my wedding in Matang Palace coming November, and I’m an outstation bride. Appreciate you can share some wedding set up picture with me, or you can share with me your vendor details too. Appreciate your help!

  • 2 sweet surrender // May 4, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    Hui Yi, hmm… you can find some in cherishmywedding.com, I posted some ideas there if I’m not mistaken. Congrats!

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