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Turn Red Mini Zoo – Part 2

September 6th, 2007 · 2 Surrendered

I’m not going to do your work anymore! Not worth it. Shoo… Go away… I don’t care about that few hundred Ringgit from you also. You are just making my life miserable. Don’t bother me anymore! Such lousy friend, only know how to take advantage of people.
Ah… Feel so good dissing people. This guy deserve it. You sucks!

To go into the zoo, you have to pay RM6 per adult for entrance. Children is RM3. At the entrance you are greeted with some aquariums.

Iguana, I almost didn’t notice it as its colour was the same as the ground. Gave me a shocked!
Various birds such as owls, parrots, eagles.
You see the deer? It’s a barking deer. I wonder it barks or not 😛

Left: Monkey! Your friends!
Right: The male and female turkeys. The two males were trying to court the female turkey. It was so funny, walking around trying it attract its attention and made some very “man” sound like “thump thump thump”. However, the female turkey seemed not moved at all.

Left: Bats.
Right: I forgot what are these called. They seemed to be fighting with each other on top of the platform on top of the tree!

Left: What kind of pig is this? It eats veggies and fruit.
Right: Ostrich, “she” was very elegent. Walked around with so much poise and confidence. Hahaha…

Left: These birds wer cool! They talked while you least expect it. Gave us a bit of shock when it suddenly said “hello”, “ni hao” -.-” They were not afraid of human at all. The tried to get close to us as close as they could. Even let us touch them.

Right: Another monkey friend of yours. 😛

Left: Peacock!
Right: No idea what bird is this. It just stayed ther minding its own business when we got close to take its photo. This was not caged, it could roam freely in the zoo unlike other birds.

Left: Horses.
Right: This hen was pretty fat -.-” When it walked, it’s a a very fat aunty walking in “seluar katak”(frog pants 😛 Don’t know what its called in English) hahaha…

Left: Rabbits. It was feeding time that time, you could request to feed them too. Then we saw a ale rabbit trying to make love with a female rabbit. It tired twice but the female rabbit was so “cold” *LOL* Then it gave up and went back to its “cave” to join other male rabbits.
Right: If you feel like want to do some “business”, they have a toilet there. Hehehe…

To be continued…

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  • 1 pretenders // Sep 6, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    here is some encouragement for u. both of em are malaysian. and they manage to make it big. so can u :p

    *Thanks for the links… I’m not generous enough to give them any link out from my blog 😛 I’ven seen both of them before…*

  • 2 sweet surrender // Sep 6, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    Hehehe… censored your post 😛 Bopien… Too generous in linking out will only cause my ranking to drop, unless they link back to me. Going to be stingy now hehehe…

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