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Uyghur Restaurant @ Prospect

August 13th, 2011 · 2 Surrendered

Two weeks ago, after CIBO, we went to Prospect for Xin Jiang cuisine. My very first time having this type of cuisine.

It’s halal! I’m sure some will be delighted. It’s located outside the city though, at Prospect, but I’m not sure of the exact address only know that there’s a petrol station(don’t remember the name also ;p) with Woolworths at the opposite of it. Didn’t expect such small shop to have very good business. Even need to make reservation. We didn’t, so we had to wait for I think half hour for a table.

Here’s what we ordered:

Left: Uyghur Kabab (AUD2 each), minimum order 3 skewers. Nice! I love it!

Right: Goshnan (AUD11), not really a fan of this dish but it’s not bad too. It’s Uyghur style pastry with lamb, onion, and spices.

Left: Dapanji (AUD26), huge portion! You can share this with more than 4 people! Just order this should be enough to make you full if all of you are small to medium eaters. I love the noodle! Spicy chicken, potato stir-fried with special sauce serve with handmade noodle. Mind you, the more you eat, the more spicy it gets. We requested it not to be spicy but at the end it’s still spicy. To those who can’t stand even a bit of spiciness, you might want to skip this. Suddenly I want to eat this again!

Right: This is not spicy but I don’t remember the name -.-” Silly me, forgot to take photo of the menu for this one. It’s a type of lamb dish. HUGE portion too! Lots of lamb fat. Not spicy at all. Looks spicy but it’s not. It’s served with a type of roti canai like bread. Did a search online and apparently some bloggers also forgot to take note of this dish’s name ;p

Overall total for 5 people with quite a number of canned and bottled drinks, the bill came up to about AUD94 or 95, don’t quite remember.

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  • 1 uncle Lee // Aug 16, 2011 at 8:01 am

    Hi Irene, looks an interesting restaurant, and exotic food.
    We too here get all kinds of China foods, one of my favourites is Yunnan ‘cross bridge noodles’.
    Legend behind the dish….of a devoted wife who brings food, noodles for her hubby working across the bridge….hence the name.
    And it is delicious!
    Have fun, hope your social life improving, *wink*.

  • 2 sweet surrender // Aug 16, 2011 at 9:54 am

    Uncle Lee, there’s many food here that I haven’t got the chance to try and must make sure I get to try them before I go home in less than a year. Time flies. Yes, I hope my social life will be improving just don’t know where to start ;p

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