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Visit Malaysia Year 2007

March 25th, 2007 · Nobody Surrendered

Hotel Reservations is what everybody will think of when they plan for a travel. Usually people will either book through their trusted travel agents or book it themselves online or by phone. It’s Visit Malaysia Year this year, therefore many tourists be it from outside or inside of the country are expecting to visit Malaysia this year. There are lots of special programs scheduled in conjunction of of VMY2007.

For those from overseas, here’s a very good site for your to book your hotels, motels, resorts and other vacation rentals. It’s called HotelReservations.com. If you do plan to visit Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur or Penang, you can book via them. You can book hotels in Kuching(Hilton or Somerset Gateway), even in Miri(Marriott Miri Resort And Spa) too but these are the only few the I could find. I couldn’t seem to find other hotels from other parts of Sarawak. As for the rate I’m not so sure about it but according to HotelReservations.com, they do offer competitive rate and great discount on worldwide destinations.

Since it’s worldwide, you can find accomodations in other countries from the the US, Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada, Central & South America, Caribbean, and Mexico besides Asia. Their map don’t seem to offer much details though. Besides booking for accomodations, you can book for air tickets too. I could even find return flight tickets from Kuching to New York(JFK). Not so bad. You can consider booking through them.

I know that some people are not comfortable booking online but no worries, you can check the things that you want in the site and then call them up to book instead of booking online. I might consider book through them if I suddenly hit jackpot(*LOL*never buy any how to hit?) and then go travel around the world in style hahaha…

This post is brought to you by HotelReservations.com

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