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Wasn’t a Good Day

July 2nd, 2010 · 3 Surrendered

It was not a very good day for me today but at least nothing bad happened. Should count myself lucky.

Just now, I got a scare. I almost sandwiched a motorcyclist. I forgot my driving license, I only realized it not very far from my place and decided to turn back using the nearest junction. I remember when I came out from the earlier junction, no vehicle was behind or next to me. The road was practically empty, so I decided to make a quick change of lane, the later junction was on the left, the distant wasn’t very far between the two junctions, had my signal lights blinking ever since the beginning.

When I almost turned into the junction… SCREEEEEEEEEECH! There’s a motorbike on my left, I was shocked, if not for the screeching sound because of the sudden break of the motorbike, I wouldn’t know there’s a motorbike -.-” I had no idea where it came from and happened that when I switched lane, the motorbike was not visible due to the blind spot and during the crucial seconds also I was making sure no car came from behind me from the other lane and I missed him from my radar. Even my bro didn’t notice him on our left. I’m sure the motorcyclist was damn pissed with me. I almost killed him! I’m partly to blame for making a sudden change of lane and turning. Feel so bad about it. Imagine… If I sandwiched him, it will be a disaster.

That incident really drained me out and some sort of spoil my mood for the night. I wonder I can sleep or not or it will replay once I close my eyes. Sigh…

No more sudden change of lane or sudden turning even though the road is practically empty next time. You’ll never know something, somewhere that falls at the blind spot which cause you to miss.

Anyway, think of the bright side, nothing bad happened. I’m still one piece, the motorcyclist is still one piece too. Have to thank my guardian angel for that.

Good night!

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  • 1 Annette // Jul 3, 2010 at 2:49 am

    Aiyo… you poor thing! You sounded so shocked in your post, and you must be still. Calm down, calm down… thank goodness nothing happened. You’re both lucky to escape unharmed, so just think of it as lesson learned. These kinds of cases are quite common and I come across them frequently – motorbikes, even cars! Motorbikes are worse because they’re so small, and at night their light beam is quite weak. -.-” Don’t be too hard on yourself. In the past, I thought just checking my mirror will be enough, but I’ve learned that sometimes you need to turn your entire head to look next to you, especially when two lanes are merging, etc. And yes… sudden turning or sudden change of lane is never a good idea. -,- But sometimes it won’t be your fault, and you need to look out anyway. I was about to turn into a lane on the left and signaled appropriately. Out of habit I watched my side view mirror, though I have no reason to. A motorbike was behind me. Guess what? He overtook me just as I was turning!! Crazy ass idiot! If I didn’t brake mid-turn I would have sent him flying…. to heaven or hell I don’t know lah. 🙁 What I guess I’m saying is, sometimes it may not be our fault too, but other people think it’s okay to put their lives in our hands so we have to be EXTRA EXTRA careful. Sigh… But don’t think about this too much anymore. It’s over, and you’re both okay. *hugs*

  • 2 William // Jul 3, 2010 at 6:28 am

    Don’t trust the site mirrors. There are blind spots especially when the vehicle is just behind and next to you. Every time before you make a lane change, signal first then turn your head to make sure that you are all clear. When the driver behind give way, then change lane.

  • 3 sweet surrender // Jul 3, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    Ann, yealo… the road was really empty that time but who knows aikss… The bike came out of nowhere.

    William, I usually will turn my head to the side but last night the road was really empty but who knows out of nowhere eekk… A motorbike was next to me.

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