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Spent RM100+ Today

July 6th, 2007 · Nobody Surrendered

Aiksss… I seldom spend this much in a day. To some people, this amount is nothing but it’s really quite a big amount to me. Told you I don’t simply spend money one. I seldom do this during normal days except when I shop for CNY clothings.

I just found out that my lipbalms are almost finish, both are about 2mm left. I didn’t know, I thought still have a lot. So went to Watsons to buy. Bought Lip Ice Mandarin Orange(15% discount :)) and Lip Ice Sheer Colour(no discount :(). spent around RM18(The receipt is not with me, so this is rough estimation hahaha…) for these.

Then, I’ve been wondering whether want to try out colour contact lense for quite sometimes and decided to buy them today because I heard that when you buy two boxes, you get one box free. So after doing some math, it’s actually cheaper than my normal visibility tinted contact lense, I could save few Ringgits for 9 month supply.

Actually I just bought a box of normal visibility tinted contact lense for 3 month supply last week. I’m not sure how long the offer will last, so better get them first before the offer ends. Or is the offer on going one? No idea… The expiry dates are also still quite far away, 2011 and 2012 hahaha… So I can keep stock. Basically, I got my 1 year contact lense supply already. There won’t be any shopping for contact lense in one year time. 😛

I ended up buying 3 different colours(true hazel, brown and sapphire blue), means 3 boxes, each pair can last for 3 months. I’ve been using monthly disposal contact lense(switching from Seequence, then to Acuvue Clear, then finally settle with Softlens38) for years.

I’ll start wearing colour lense in October. It’ll be my first time using 3 month disposal contact lense. I will have different eye colour every 3 months. YIPEE! 😛 Will blog about it by then Hahaha… I’m so lucky that both sides of my eyes have the same degree summore my degree has been maintaining for years, so this offer is really a great offer, I got to choose 3 colours!! These 3 boxes of Freshlook Colorblends cost me RM100 for 9 month supply.

Softlense38 costs me RM38 for 3 months but the price increase to RM40 now. I get to save few Ringgits. Hehehe… Then I heard my sis said, somewhere is offering 2 boxes for RM84 and free one box -.-” However, not sure what’s the brand on offer, could be the same. WAH! Oh well… Still manage to save few Ringgits better than nothing.

Today I spent more than RM100, it’s a lot for me. I never spend this much in a day for shopping alone and all these things could fit into a very small plastic bag!

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