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Whitman’s Sampler

May 11th, 2007 · Nobody Surrendered

Hehehe… Actually got this from Sue who came back to Kuching last year. I realised that I haven’t post anything about the chocolate yet. Hmm… I have the habit of “disecting” chocolate especially if they have fillings. It’s kinda gross 😛 but I love it hahaha… I can have the same piece of chocolate for at least 15 minutes in between my thumb and my index finger hehehe… You have to sample the chocolate bit by bit instead of putting the whole thing into your mouth, that’s not the right way to eat chocolate ok?

Here’s the box of chocolate all the way from the US. Hehehe… Thanks again Sue.

Gross or not 😛 With my teeth marks there hahaha…
These are just some of them, there were some that I didn’t manage to take any picture because they’re gone hehehe…


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