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Win A Day With Brad & Katie

April 10th, 2007 · 1 Surrendered

“As The World Turns”, heard of it? It’s a very popular sope opera in the US. Now, for those residing in the US, you can win a day with Brad & Katie. WOW!! Spending a day with not only one but TWO celebrities!! How cool is that?

The winner will have the chance to spend his/her day with both celebrities (Austin Peck and Terri Columbino) where they will go to the winner’s house and perform the winner’s least favorite chore for them! They clean your house for you!! WOW! Not only that, the winner will get money too! A check for $5,000! OMG! Damn cool!

Interested? Quickly be the lucky one, you’ll never know…Click here to enter

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