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Win a Pair of Gingerbread Men Contest Winner’s Entry (8)

January 4th, 2010 · Nobody Surrendered

Preparing for KL trip tomorrow morning. Will be away from 5th to 8th January. You will see auto-publish posts starting tomorrow. 😉 Wonder should I conduct a contest while I’m away? Hehehe…

As promised, I’m going to feature the winning entries of Win a Pair of Gingerbread Men Contest that I conducted.

This one is by John. I’m pretty sure you enjoyed your Christmas. Thanks for participating.

Christmas is a very special time of the year. I would be sitting down at the dining table surrounded by my loved ones and my close friends. There would be aromatic smell of freshly cooked food, desserts and Christmas pudding on the table and every dishes that are placed on the table would draw the ooooo aaahhh from every single person gathered. I love to see the smile on their faces and the ringing laughter of joy as jokes and funny tales are told over the table.

The Christmas tree standing tall and majestic with the colorful lights winking at us from the living room and the soft Christmas songs playing in the background makes the whole atmosphere pure bliss. The decorated and colorful mystery boxes placed underneath the tree makes everybody excited as they wonder about the contents of it. This is the time of the year where all gather to hug each other, wishes each other well, forgive all the wrong doings done all throughout the year, make peace with each other and exchange gifts and blessings and this is what I do every year.

The Magic of Christmas touches the heart of every person all around the world.

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