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Win With The Lowest Bid

April 25th, 2007 · Nobody Surrendered

When there is an auction, the highest bid will win. Right? Ever heard of the lowest bid will win? I’m sure you never heard of it. There is such thing happening now. Continue reading if you are interested.

Bid4Prizes is an auction ‘game’ where you can win real prizes. Still don’t get it? Here’s an example:

You want to buy a digital camera that sells $200 in the market. Instead of bidding and paying $180 for it, you only need to bid as low as .50 cents. Once you submit your bid, they will let you know whether your bid is low, high, unique, or duplicate. Next, the game will begin. To win the prize, your try and use the game tips they give you to determine the lowest unique bid. If your strategy is working, then you will win the prize.

Basically, you just bid the lowest price then make sure the price is unique, means no one bid the same price as you and you have the lowest price. The one giving the lowest unique bid price will win. It’s all about strategy. Interesting right? You do not need to pay for anything if you win except the shopping cost and tax.

By the way, they have 2 ways for you to bid. It can bid via your cell phone or online in their website. Do check out the items that they offered for bidding, you might find the thing you like. However, this is only limited to those in the US. Too bad…

This post is brought to you by bid4prizes.com

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